Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Freebies to date! Part 1

Here are my long list of freebies to date!!! A lot of awesome stuff!

I got this awesome flask from Copenhagen. My husband saw it and thought it would be the perfect gift for his uncle.

This Tide Stain Release w/ Tide detergent is  from the facebook give away. They had so MANY problems with this give away with the site crashing and having to change the date. I was very lucky to get one. They have this up on there facebook tonight:
Starting Friday, 5/13/11 we will be giving away 20,000 Tide Stain Release samples EVERY DAY FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Tell everyone then try the product and post a review for your chance to win some great prizes! This is only open to those who didn’t already successfully request a Tide Stain Release sample.

My target beauty bag filled with tons of coupons and beauty products! 

MiO drink mix from their facebook page:

 This is my first part of freebies. Check back tomorrow for the rest. Many more to post. :)


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