Thursday, March 31, 2011

SCORE free MCdonald's coupons

ClippingMoney is have a giveaway for FREE food at McDonalds. She is giving away 5 treat books. Head to her blog now and snag you an entry to her giveaway. My next step is seeing if my McD's sell treat books.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Using Coupons to get it for FREE!

Using the computer is not the only way to get free stuff. I'm sure you get a lot of free things from product samples and online contests, but there is another way to get free products.
I'm starting to use coupons to get products dirt cheap or even FREE! I've only been using coupons for the past couple of months but I have already saved some money as well gotten a few things for FREE. Here are some examples.

As you can see here that I have a few coupons from LISTIA for FREE Excedrin.

Dollar General was having this sale and believe still is. ($3 for BOGO)
Using the FREE coupon I got 2 for free instead of the the just 1. Was able to do it for both the Exra Strength and the Migrane Excedrin.

I also printed $1 off coupons from Excedrin's website, and used them to knock the $3 for 2 down to $2 for 2.

It's also good to utilzie the BOGO coupons that sometimes come in the Sunday paper. I got one for Old Spice (which hubby loves). I was able to get body spray, deodorant, and 2 body washes for a tad over $8.

So utilize those coupons to save money and get some things for FREE!! If you don't wanna save coupons then send them my way! It's a family affair in my house!

2 Fridays of Freebies

Here are my 2 Fridays of Freebies. This not all of my freebies, so keep your eyes peeled on the next update.

Philly Cooking Creme:

I'm a member of Kraft first taste and got this in the mail. My grandmother really enjoyed this product and is now an avid buyer. LOL

  • Miracle Whip Sample
  • Kirkland Diapers Sample (No longer available)
  • Canker Sore Cover, Lysine, and Oral Mist -- Call 1-800-448-1448 to request your free sample. This offer was seen in the March 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Whole Living magazine (pg 14). They may ask you if you seen this online or in the actual magazine. Say magazine. They will try and trick you and may say it's only available to the readers. They DID ask me.
  • Inhaler Carrying Case from EIB Active Education.


I apologize. I am 2 Friday's behind. Just have a lot going on. I'm gonna update the blog now with what photos I have. My camera cord is not working is working and I have no SD slot on my computer so it may be a few days until I can get any new photos up on the blog. Please bare with me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purex Complete with Zout!

I was given the chance to try Purex Complete with Zout. Let me start off by saying the smell is AMAZING! Combine Purex Complete with Zout with Purex Complete Crystals for ultimate cleaning and freshness! There are 2 Purex Complete with Zout products, Fresh Morning Burst and Free & Clear. I tested the Fresh Morning Burst.
Are you curious as to what this product is?  It's a laundry detergent that has teamed up with the triple-enzyme stain-fighting power of Zout stain remover. It's a detergent and pretreater ALL-IN-ONE!!

Well now I'm sure you are asking, "How does it work?" Three powerful stain-fighting enyzmes does all of the work for you!
Lastly...Will it work in my washer? YES!! It was specially formulated to work in both traditional and High Efficiency (HE) washers.

Still curious about Purex Complete with Zout? Then try it yourself!! Get a sample of it @

*I was not paid or forced to write this review. I was simply given the product to test. This is soley my view/beliefs on this product. Your view may differ.*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Freebie Friday (March 11)

The mail man (FedEx too) has been good to me this week!! Here's what I've gotten for FREE this week!

Quaker Oatmeal Squares:

Maybelline Fit Me:

                                                           *Offer no longer available*

Pampers Underjam Sample: 

Purex w/ Zout:
                                                            *Will have it's on Post ;) *

Mix of Freebies:

  1.  CHEEZ-IT (Facebook Promotion) (Came w/ 3 diff flavors)
  2. Emergen-c
  3. John Frieda Frizz Ease (Promo has ended)
Clairol Color Foam:
                                                (1 free box of color )       *Promo has ended*
                              I won these on a auction on Listia. Get FREE products on Listia. Check it out.

                                                  What are some of the things you have gotten yet?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My recent freebies!!!

Hello guys,
After tonight I'm going to start posting my freebies on  every Friday (Freebie Friday). I just couldn't get blogger to pull up yesterday or it would have been done then. But here is my most recent FREE stuff!!!

My very good friend Kaygan told me about this and I wanted to test to see if it was true. My grandmother who is diabetic could really use a back up. Well I got this in less than a week after requesting. It is 100% FREE. My Kroger sells them for $73.99 My husband just happened to spot it their while picking up my grandmother's meds. Get one your self HERE!   THANK YOU KAYGAN!

I emailed the Angel Soft company and they sent me 4 coupons for .55 off. I also received my PG Brand coupon books. One for me and one for grandma. :)

Also for Grandma. Depend Sample.
I got this from the Leviton facebook page. This promotion is over but you may LIKE them for future promotions.

GoodNight's underwear
Maggi Soup Sample (Promotion Ended)
Fit Me make up sample (Promotion Ended) *Target Sample*
Mega Red (Promotion Ended) *Walmart Sample*
Florida Orange Juice Coupons *Winner from Clipping Money*
Power Bar Energy Blast (Promotion Ended but sign up to receive notifications for future promotions)
Origins facial creme
Signs of Life cards
Vaseline Sample

Would love to hear about your freebies!!