Monday, March 28, 2011

Using Coupons to get it for FREE!

Using the computer is not the only way to get free stuff. I'm sure you get a lot of free things from product samples and online contests, but there is another way to get free products.
I'm starting to use coupons to get products dirt cheap or even FREE! I've only been using coupons for the past couple of months but I have already saved some money as well gotten a few things for FREE. Here are some examples.

As you can see here that I have a few coupons from LISTIA for FREE Excedrin.

Dollar General was having this sale and believe still is. ($3 for BOGO)
Using the FREE coupon I got 2 for free instead of the the just 1. Was able to do it for both the Exra Strength and the Migrane Excedrin.

I also printed $1 off coupons from Excedrin's website, and used them to knock the $3 for 2 down to $2 for 2.

It's also good to utilzie the BOGO coupons that sometimes come in the Sunday paper. I got one for Old Spice (which hubby loves). I was able to get body spray, deodorant, and 2 body washes for a tad over $8.

So utilize those coupons to save money and get some things for FREE!! If you don't wanna save coupons then send them my way! It's a family affair in my house!

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  1. I love using coupons! And price matching at Wal-Mart always saves us some $$!