Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freebies from Jan 7 to Jan 25th

The freebies have been kind of scarce coming in lately. But I was able to manage to score a few good things. This was what was in my mail box from the 7th to the 25th.

Excedrin: (For the month of January I have received 4 FREE coupons of Excedrin total!)

Dog and Cat Food Samples: Purina One Dog and Cat food, and Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food

The Purina one was obtained from Target Samples
To get Rachel Ray's Nutrish Sample click here!

Diet/Protein Bars: Slim Fast and Atkin's diet planner pack

I got the Slim Fast bar from Sam's Clubs Samples. Some samples require a Sam's Club member id. Others do not.
Get the Atkin's pack by signing up here

Laundry: Shout Color catcher and Purex Complete Crystals. *Did I mention I'm a Purex insider ;) *
Sample the Shout Color Catcher here.

As I've said before I received a Purex Sample pack, with a small bottle of the Purex Complete Crystals and a free coupon for myself to try out Purex. Here's what I received:

Stay tune for my give away to win your own coupon for FREE Purex Complete Crystals!

Health and Beauty: Dove Hair Care and Nature's Bounty Adult Gummies.

Get the latest Dove sample here.
Sorry but the Nature's Bounty promo has ended. :(

Food: Yoplait Yogurt
Get a sample here and here. (2 chances for FREE yogurt!)

Other Misc Samples:
Pocket Folders--Get free Items from Listia. 
 It's a new members-only site where everything is free and you can get some cool stuff without spending any money. You give away the things you no longer need, and get things you want for free.

It's all done using free credits instead of real money. Most people start with 450 credits, but this invitation gives you 550  to get more when you start. I'm already in and you can get started by clicking here.

                 So what have you gotten in your mail box lately?

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